30 Jahre KW- Soft concept for 3rd space formations

For its 30th anniversary, KW organised an annual program of events, auctions and space activations around Auguststraße that culminated in the program’s key event. A weekend-long celebration in September 2021, featuring an extensive program of events, performances, and the launch of the first publication retracing KW’s history. After two years of close collaboration with KW’s Education and Art Mediation department, forty five degrees designed a series of spatial interventions that were presented as part of KW’s 30th anniversary programme. Fundamental design principles of the Soft Concept were minimum space occupation, scale, mobility and flexibility. High levels of hybridity, both formal and programmatic, can foster performative interactions and stronger engagement with and among broader audiences.



The proposed strategies are framed as Soft Concepts as they do not involve permanent architectural transformation of the spaces, but rather seek opportunities for externalizing uses, overlapping multiple activities on existing spaces and providing flexible, mobile infrastructure.

From the courtyard to the attic, the interventions encouraged visitors to gather, play and engage with the public. The interventions included the scaffold stage, and the board game for the interactive performance game of Jugendgremium Schattenmuseum:”Game of Life”.

  • The Conversation Piece conceived by The Performance Agency for the Sommerfest

For the mobile infrastructures of the mediation activities, the proposed interventions consist of a modular, flexible, storage/archive system that will evolve in time and will offer an engaging display of all Third Space’s activities. Due to storage space limitations throughout the KW building, there is little documentation or archival evidence of creative outcomes or any workshop results. This display/interface system can exist within KW premises, but also travel to external locations, produce and archive content and travel back to KW.

In Game of Life, visitors venture through a fictitious life trajectory based on various event-cards which explore questions of identity, community, love, gender, and migration.

The game was initially planned to be played on the street. forty five degrees merged the idea of a big scale board game and the speed limit sign in front of the KW entrance, to create the scenography for the updated version of the game.

All images © Valerie Schmidt