Radical Rituals

Radical Rituals is an itinerary survey along the 45ºN parallel  45° N, 1° W / 45° N, 35° E  on the inventiveness of everyday life, new spatial practices and vernacular rituals that stimulate and nurture the commons across Europe. This project focuses on beings, situated scenarios, and collaborative actions, in order to review the vocabulary and methods of spatial production. In the current socio-political situation, there is an urge to re-imagine spatial practice methods and pay attention to a more complex understanding of the interwoven relations between humans, non-humans, and affects of physical contexts.

To do so, we are following an imaginary line: the 45ºN parallel. This line crosses Europe from the Atlantic Coast to the Black Sea. Through field trips and interaction with local actors, we disrupt the abstraction of the line, challenging the current symbolic perceptions of reductive dichotomies such as centre/periphery, north/south, east/west. This topographic approach allows us to study the 45ºN parallel through rituals, collective organisational structures, and non-commercial activities that address global topics like climate justice, gender equality, biodiversity, degrowth, and solidarity from their local contexts. A more just spatial practice lies in the diversity and nuances of a myriad of space-making paradigms that tackle local challenges while also providing credible responses to current global issues. These practices are named as rituals because they strengthen the potential for collective action in order to reach systemic changes. They are labelled as radical because they are highly transformative, pointing to possible futures. A myriad of examples that can inform our practice as architects, urban planners, and researchers.

Sfântu Gheorghe, Danube Delta. 2021.

Radical Rituals is a spatial investigation, looking at the plethora of possibilities and practices emerging across Europe in the current turmoil that offer solutions to complex local issues, while also responding to global challenges.

  • Images from the field research in Romania.

The shared experiences made during the processes and workshops are leading to a publication series of Radical Rituals 45°N, 1°W / 45°N, 35°E. Here, the mapping of this landscape and initiatives are featured, while a series of collaborative essays will contribute to the topics discussed. The aim of the Radical Rituals 45°N, 1°W / 45°N, 35°E is to gather local projects across this line, contributing to a dynamic network that can represent multiple conditions of alternative spatial configurations. The cartographic approach serves as a tool to discover this broad territory and the rituals and tactics of local initiatives. At the end of this journey, the experiences and data collected – the region, the landscape, local practices and initiatives – will be brought in relation to a national and international context through a digital platform to generate an European network that reflects upon the future of spatial practice.

  • Public Presentation at Goethe Institute Bucharest.

Radical Ritual is an ongoing exploration. The next phase will be developed in France by 2022. Supported by Perspektive Fonds and MAOP in Toulouse.

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